Airport Affected Passengers Handling Program

Airport Affected Passengers Handling Program

At the end of the program, participants will be able to

  • Create a work environment where employees have the importance of willingness to provide service.
  • Develop an effective plan and give clear instructions for handling passenger situations.
  • Motivating employees and appreciating their efforts.
  • Encouraging employees to apply regulations, procedures and standard service practices.
  • Urging employees to solve passenger problems with confidence and competence.
  • Effectively lead work teams to assist travelers.
  • Implementing systems and procedures to solve problems and assist passengers in uncomfortable situations
  • Using successful methods and means to control cases of anger and applying standard practices.
  • Solve daily work dilemmas with confidence.

Evaluation Strategy

  • tribal calendar
  • Progressive calendar
  • Final calendar
  • Practical applications (individual, bilateral, group activities)
  • Conversation and discussion.
  • Brainstorming (brainstorming)
  • Cooperative Learning

Course details

Service concept

  • Introduction
  • Working knowledge of the air transport industry
  • Knowing the company’s clients
  • Traveler’s Journey
  • Service standards and practices

Communication skills and dealing with travelers

  • communication skills
  • Dealing with angry travelers
  • Frequently Asked Questions from Travelers
  • Implementation of public announcements
  • Motivation and career development

Other Details


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Course Description

“Affected Passengers Handling Program” is a program that provides the information and skills necessary to provide expert services at airports.

Program Goals

Enriching and developing the trainee’s experiences and refining his skills by using theoretical and practical applications in everything related to the service.


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