Excellence in team building

Excellence in team building

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Excellence in team building

Course Description

The process of team building consists of assembling a number of people and making them work with each other. The team building process goes through several stages, during which growth and maturity take place up to the stage of integration, and many organizations fail to take advantage of this methodology because leaders and managers are not familiar with the ways and foundations that By which effective work teams are built, and how they, as leaders and managers, can be effective team builders through which the goals of the organization are achieved and the needs of individuals are satisfied, up to the stage of integration and integration through which organizations are ahead of their peers.

Program Goals

Providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to build and manage work teams.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Introducing the concept of the work team and the important administrative concepts and terms for correct administrative practice in the field of administrative leadership for work teams.
  • Apply group dynamics, team life cycle and its components.
  • Apply team management strategies with participants.
  • Enable participants to practice the administrative tools used in the work of effective work teams in a practical and applied manner.

Evaluation Strategy

  • Discussion sessions. 20%
  • Participation method. 20%
  • Theoretical explanation of the training content. 10%
  • 30%
  • Practical exercises. 20%

Course details
Excellence in team building

  • The concept of team work and team building.
  • I aim to build work teams.
  • The organization’s need for the presence of the work team.
  • Benefits and features of team building management.
  • Characteristics and qualities of effective work teams.
  • Characteristics and attributes of the members of the work team.

Excellence in team building

  • Types of work teams.
  • Team building elements
  • Team building stage.
  • Team building methodology.
  • Methods of building distinguished work teams.

Excellence in team building

  • Leadership style with work teams.
  • The impact of leadership with team building.
  • Leader positions with work teams.
  • Team building obstacles.


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