Qualification for a professional teaching license

Qualification for a professional teaching license

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Course Description

A training program on the professional license for educational job occupants. The license is an official document issued by the Education and Training Evaluation Authority in accordance with specific criteria. The holder is qualified to practice the profession of education according to specific levels and a specified period of time. It is one of the most important requirements for obtaining the professional rank issued by the Ministry of Education. Education, and in order for a teacher to obtain a license, he must pass professional exams to obtain it.

Program Goals

Developing the skills of educational occupants and enabling them to obtain a professional license with high efficiency.

At the end of this training program, we expect to achieve the following results

  • Improving capabilities, skills and practical application in the (general) educational field.
  • Raising the quality of performance of educational occupants through various trainings.
  • Consolidating the principle of continuous learning and relying on self-learning methods.
  • Deepening the commitment to and adherence to the ethics of the teaching and learning profession.
  • Training on linking theory and practice in the field of specialization.
  • Developing skills in employing contemporary learning techniques and using them to communicate information effectively.
  • Empowering the teacher with the skills of using information sources and searching for everything new.
  • Develop all kinds of evaluation competencies and skills, especially self-evaluation skills.

Evaluation Strategy

  • Note
  • tribal scale
  • Electronic exams
  • Competitions

Course details

Professional License Merit Part I

  • Calendar and its tools
  • Modern Teaching Strategies
  • Planning for Teaching
  • Multiple intelligence

Professional license eligibility part two

  • Ethics of the teaching profession and the duties of the teacher
    • Characteristics of growth
    • Classroom environment management


Professional License Merit Part III

  • Integrate thinking skills into teaching
  • Communication and Connection skills
  • Integrating technology into education


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